Common Questions

Do you sell Heady Topper from The Alchemist?

We do not.

Several years ago the distribution system The Alchemist implemented limited any legal retail access to their products to a 25 mile radius of their brewery.

Do you sell Hill Farmstead beers?

We do not.

Hill Farmstead beers are only distributed to on-premise establishments (aka bars) but sometimes, once a year we are lucky enough to receive bottles.

Do you sell Sip of Sunshine, made by Lawson's?

We do!

The delivery schedule is on alternating Mondays (every two weeks), adjusted for holidays when they conflict with the expected arrival. It is released at noon, and goes quickly so check our calendar to see when the next lucky Monday is.

Why are there two prices listed for your growler fills?

Custom printed glassware can get pretty expensive! We have a deposit system for our growlers to ensure their safe return to live another day.

If you haven’t had a growler fill with us before, all it takes to get started is $5 for the bottle and any fill price for the beer you’d like to take home. Each time you bring back the growler in a functional condition (no cracks or broken glass) you can continue to trade in your empty bottle for a fresh clean one. The deposit is the same on both the 32oz and 64oz bottles so you can change fill sizes whenever you need to. If you’ve decided you need a break from the convenience of your growler just let us know, and when you turn in your bottle we’ll give you the $5 deposit back.

I have this awesome growler I bought somewhere else, can you fill it?

Unfortunately not. Although we do appreciate a unique growler, the state of Vermont isn’t so sure. You might have gotten your growler filled at various breweries before but in the eyes of the state we, as a retailer, are required to follow a different set a rules than they are.

Legally we have to supply you with a sanitary growler at the time of your purchase, which means you can add our stores’ growler to your collection!

I haven't had that beer before, can I get a sample before I buy a growler?

Unfortunately not. As a retailer, the state prevents us from being allowed to offer samples for any of our draft lines. We do host tasting events though, so be sure to check out our upcoming events page to find the next one.