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For quite sometime Scott has been asking me to brew a dedication of sorts to one of his favorite beers, Sierra Nevada Celebration. With its unmistakable pine and citrus character from the hops and its classic west coast red/amber malt base, celebration is one of those styles of beer that you just don’t see that often anymore. With this in mind we set out to do our interpretation of this old yet classic style, this is our American Red Ale. We brewed the his beer with a solid malt bill including Munich malt, Rye Malt and Roasted Barley. The hopping on this was intense with heavy additions of Chinook, Idaho 7, and Simcoe, and late additions of Falconers Flight for a classic west coast flavor and aroma. Call it a West Coast IPA or call it an American Red Ale we don’t care it’s just something that we enjoy drinking and we hope you do too.

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